Milan is a city in continuous transformation, projected towards the future but able to preserve its own identity. It is a vital city that releases energies and ideas and regenerates the spaces reinventing itself every day in a change that is not only urbanistic but which involves people’s lifestyles and habits.

The Italian poet Antonio Centanin (Aldo Nove) writes:

“Because, they live here.
Because here is Milan.
It is almost Milan.
And everyone is there.
Because in Milan there are many things.
All those that are not in  other places.
They’re there. The things.
That’s why people go to Milan.”

Everyone goes to Milan, because that’s where things happen. Milan anticipates trends, in fashion, in lifestyle, in the common conscience of society. It is a city that does not immediately reveal itself and does not like to show off: it reveals its treasures to a careful and not hasty eye. Often, in the center, courtyards and unexpected gardens are hidden behind the facades of buildings: they are  rich in history and charm, from Leonardo’s Vineyard to Villa Necchi Campiglio … and walking through its streets you can easily travel through time thanks to architectures of different styles , from the Lombard Romanesque, to the Renaissance Gothic, the seventeenth-century Baroque, the Milanese Neoclassic, the Liberty and 20th-century Rationalism to the new futuristic and slender skyline of the City Life skyscrapers and Unicredit Tower.

Milan is all of this and much more. And Brera is a highly attractive historical district, like a bridge between the past and the future: an ideal road axis between the spires of the Duomo, the traditional symbol of Milan, and the vertical forest, a project of new sustainable architecture that has become the new sign of modernity of the city.

brera6perfumes were born here, a brand inspired by the identity and history of Brera and Milan, developing themes and stories that evoke emotions  translated into olfactory notes. The packaging  draw lines that ideally recreate a map of the city cut by a red diagonal line that recalls the road axis of Brera. The perfumes disclose clean lines, elegance, quality and a certain minimalist sobriety that are characteristic elements and the result of the collaboration with “noses” of undisputed capacity.

Proudly “made in Italy”!

The Perfumers for brera6perfumes

Luca Maffei

Young promise of Italian perfumery, Luca Maffei is on the family company “swept up by the charm of raw materials and the mysterious alchemy with which they combines” and begins an individual training course with Françoise Marin, former director of Roure ’s prestigious perfume school (Givaudan) of Grasse.

Back to Italy, he joins M & M Fragrances and signs the first fragrant creations.

In May 2014, Luca Maffei was accepted as a member of the prestigious SFP Société Française des Parfumeurs, an association that brings together the most important names of world perfumery.

He won the prestigious “The Art and Olfaction Awards” in Los Angeles in 2015 and in 2016 with his original creations, demonstrating on the field his skills of “nose” perfumer of great value.

He is currently working as Master Perfumer at Atelier Fragranze Milano.


Maurizio Cerizza

One of the most appreciated Italian perfumer, in his 30 years career Maurizio Cerizza has created more than 100 internationally successful perfumes. He is member of the Societé Française des Parfumeurs, and since his childhood he has been living among perfumes and essential oils . In fact, in 1946 his family started producing high quality raw materials for high end perfumery. Hence his great passion for perfumes would later turn into a profession.

Student of René Ricord, teacher of the prestigious School of Perfume Roure (in turn assistant of Jean Carles, founder of the school itself), Cerizza believes that the perfumer is essentially “an artist who must use his raw materials as a painter uses colors and a musician notes, first imagining the combinations and then making them “.

His art is based on emotion and imagination, addressed by experience, method, design and theory, but always strictly faithful to his creative instinct.

Currently, Maurizio Cerizza is Master Perfumer at Creative Fragrance & Flavours.