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I was born and raised in Milan. I belong to a family of entrepreneurs and “pioneers” of their kind and it is a very important aspect because it has always characterized me in the search for detail, beauty, luxury and originality.  I have had various work experiences in highly appreciated niche brands first in London and then in Paris for several years. I discovered and opened the first beauty boutique in Europe – and the only one in Italy- of the brand“Shu Uemura” and with my family we were the founders and owners of the historic boutique “Profumo”, the atelier that brought the olfactory avant-garde to Milan in via Brera n.6.

Mine was an artistic path that allowed me to discover some of the most beautiful “maison de Parfum” of the world, to meet famous masters and  noses. Thanks to my experience I created a collection of perfumes having in mind the idea of transforming historical elements of the city of Milan into olfactory notes. I wanted to dedicate this collection to Milan, the town where I was born and I love so much.

Brera6 Perfumes are perfumes created using the very best raw materials, they have therefore an extraordinary persistence. These are real masterpieces characterized by a refined elegance,  a rare combination of materials and a minimal design. A real Made in Italy “a mixture of olfactory art and urban character “ that mirror the style of via Brera!

Monica Wetter



    50 ML

    Flying buttresses, pinnacles, walls of light with magnificent stained glass windows, imposing marble pillars: everything, in the Gothic style, expresses a vertical impulse that is an invitation to rise from one’s daily life to a new dimension of the spirit. “Per fumum” (through the smoke) the human and the divine meet: the incense envelops and inebriates us, together with the smoke of votive and liturgical candles mixed with the characteristic smell of cold and humid marble. The silence and the dim light of the cathedral inspire peace and meditation …

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    brera6 perfumes - GOTHIC

    Signature fragrance. No name to identify it.
    The distinctive signature of the fragrance is the same as the brand: brera6.
    A perfume that remembers the Milan atmosphere.
    A little minimalist, unisex, for those who are fashion addicted and appreciate the sought-after style, but at the same time essential and balanced.
    An “accessory” with a decisive and concrete character that does not go unnoticed.

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    brera6 - NO_NAME

    The stately atmosphere and the charge that is felt in the air, waiting for a great evening at the Scala.
    The sparkling lights of the theater, velvet, elegance.
    A woman in evening dress, wearing a diamond collar: she walks, proud, and aware of the glances that glide on her.
    At every step, almost like the majestic tail of an haute couture dress, it accompanies a scented wake, pervading the foyer of the theater.
    A very feminine, sensual, almost regal fragrance. An essence with a strong personality, sweetened by a fragrant floral bouquet, for a charming bon ton.

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    brera6 - FOYER

    69 Hesperia is the name of the asteroid discovered by the famous Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli on April 29, 1861, by the Astronomical Observatory of Brera in Milan.
    The fresh, pungent air of a spring night. The sky, deep blue, overhangs the distant city. It breathes calmly, in an almost obscured atmosphere.
    The quietness of night-time darkness has the scent of green and earthy notes, which come from the underlying Botanical Garden.
    A unisex fragrance, but with a lush tone.

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    brera6 - HESPERIA
  • 1848!

    Revolution! In 1848, insurrections began in Europe, and Milan mobilized in the historic “five days” of March: the streets of the city center turn into battlefields and the air fills with clouds of gunpowder, puffs of tobacco, bonfires of burnt woods and aromas of coffee and cognac: a masculine “rough” olfactory universe reflecting in a “lived” fragrance, with a decisive and rebellious character.
    Ten years after the repression of the 48’s riots, the Milanese will raise their heads again writing on the city walls “W Verdi”: a hymn to the great composer Giuseppe Verdi, but also a political message in favor of Vittorio Emanuele Re d’Italia against the Emperor.

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    brera6 - 1848

    Floral leaves and decorations, precious friezes and colorful majolica and imposing statues, wrought iron, brick and cement: these are the characteristics of Liberty in Milan.
    The starting event is the Universal Exhibition of 1906, a great opportunity to show the progress achieved by Milan and Italy.
    An eclectic fragrance that takes the best of Art Nouveau style: floral, sparkling and vernal. The sunlight filters through the windows of a bow-window , giving an almost aulic atmosphere.
    A young scent, somewhat lively.

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    brera6 - LIBERTY
  • 60MPH CLUB

    The 60mph Club was born in Milan at the beginning of the 20th century: the praise of speed and exaltation of the machine, first of all the car, symbol of progress and dynamism.
    Futurism, also born in Milan in the same years, will marry this enthusiasm for modernity and speed as a metaphor of existence: speed, dynamism and simultaneity produced by new technologies and the modern urban environment, essence of reality.
    A fragrance, like a second skin, for those who are always on the go. A sportive, dynamic scent with fresh and stimulants notes of vetyver and the olfactory lightness of citrus.

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    brera6 - 60MPH-CLUB


Milan is a city in continuous transformation, projected towards the future but able to preserve its own identity. It is a vital city that releases energies and ideas and regenerates the spaces reinventing itself every day in a change that is not only urbanistic but which involves people’s lifestyles and habits.
The Italian poet Antonio Centanin (Aldo Nove) writes:

Because, they live here.
Because here is Milan.
It is almost Milan.

And everyone is there.
Because in Milan there are many things.
All those that are not in  other places.
They’re there. The things.
That’s why people go to Milan”.

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